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About Us

My name is Ann a single mother and grandmother pursuing her long held dream of creating fun, different but practical clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers, as well as fun educational toys and books.

A Bit About Me.

After the shock of being made redundant in 2014 losing my house, my Father passing away, my Mother being diagnosed with a type of dementia, my brother diagnosed with cancer, I spent the first 18 months out of work living a nomadic life style travelling and house sitting in Mexico and here in the UK.

Whilst in my full time job, I had tried many times over the years to make a go of selling on the internet, but never quite made it, plus it seemed to me that I did not have the skills or confidence to ever be successful.

Like many people before me I have many regrets about missed opportunities in my life, so at 63 years old I knew this would be my last chance at making a go of having my own small business.

Added to that for many years off and on, I have suffered from depression so it was always easy to be overwhelmed and daunted by the way ahead.

I was quite frightened about my future and feeling like a rudderless ship until about September of 2015 when I knew I had to decide once and for all what I was going to do with my life, and do something that had meaning and purpose.

Starting this journey has been more than about making a living; it has given me focus, hope, meaning and a determination to succeed.

Why Baby Products?

bandana drool bibs girlsCorny though it may sound, but my greatest role in life has been as a Mother and grandmother.

I love fashion but especially children and babies fashion, but also all things related to babies and children, including anything educational and fun.

Money was tight when I was bringing up my daughters on my own, so new clothes, toys and books, were something you admired from afar and aspired to for birthdays and Christmas.

Many a time you would find me in the children’s department of a store admiring all the latest designs and ideas. Toys and the latest childrens books and different learning material.

I particularly like clever but simple baby products that solve a problem, make life easier and happier for Mom, Dad (and Grandma) and look cute on your baby or toddlers, and anything that can help in their development and entertainment.

In my first product, I spent eight months sourcing and searching for a professional company with integrity, high standards and who produce great quality products, and was lucky to eventually find a great company in India and find a new friend in Mani, to start the on the road to first selling my own bibs.

The communication, customer care and quality have been second to none.

This is a dream come true, a product line developed with love and products I am beyond passionate about.

My aim is to expand to other products informational and educational i.e. books, toys etc.

The name ikkletots also represents the personal attachment I have to this brand. Baby talk is a special kind of language used between mother and child. It was how I spoke to my daughters. So ‘ikkle’ was a word I used instead of ‘little’ i.e. –“Mummy’s sweet ikkle baby” etc. “Tots” was short for “toddlers”.

So was born – ‘ikkletots’.

My Brand

So now let me introduce you to my brand ‘ikkletots’ and my first ever products.

The perfect solution for drooling and teething babies!

We offer a contemporary and colorful way to take care of baby and toddlers drool that’s quite different from the other options that had already been on the market.

These are highly absorbent bibs that are soft, comfortable and very functional.

You will find these bibs will get compliments from other parents because they look so cute and don’t look like a traditional bib.

Due to adjustable snaps, the generous size, these bibs are ideal for babies and toddlers, so you will not have to buy any other bibs in the future, making them a great investment.

Ikkletots bibs are produced with no dangerous chemicals, including nickel, plastic, lead, BPA and phthalates.

These are 100% guaranteed with a full money back guarantee should you change your mind, are not happy or are dissatisfied in any way with these bibs.

Ikkletots is a new up and coming brand with clear definitive objectives to provide high quality products to children and parents all over the world.

At the moment we are only selling in the USA, but hope to very soon expand to selling in the UK and Europe (even though I am from the UK).

As our company grows so will our ability to sell all over the globe.


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